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RiteSize — Bringing value to circularity

Bringing value to circularity

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The recycling industry has become a critical player in addressing environmental concerns, particularly in relation to the use of plastic within the global production supply chain. Significant volumes of virgin, single-use plastics are discarded each year, ending up in landfills, oceans, and causing significant environmental harm. RiteSize is addressing the issue at its source by streamlining the procurement of post-consumer recycled materials for consumer goods brands and manufacturers, bringing value to circularity.
Virgin plastic continues to dominate and outweigh its recycled counterparts. In the United States alone, only 4% of plastic is made from recycled content, creating a significant challenge for sustainability efforts. The future of the market is at risk, with a projected 55% supply gap for recycled polyethylene by 2030.

The staggering volume of plastic waste highlights the urgency of taking action. With 156 million tonnes in 2000 soaring to 353 million tonnes in 2019, the need for responsible solutions is more pressing than ever. Shockingly, 50% of plastic waste goes to landfill, 19% is incinerated, and 22% ends up in uncontrolled dumpsites.

Enter RiteSize — a sustainable sourcing platform that streamlines procurement of post-consumer recycled materials. The newcomer is making it easy to incorporate circularity back into the supply chain by optimising the procurement of recycled plastic materials and feedstock. Empowering consumer goods brands and manufacturers to optimise their production supply chains by incorporating recycled plastic materials, and driving circularity back into the system.
Ubuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularityUbuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularity
“According to the OCED, only 4% of plastic produced in the United States is made from recycled content. The US market is expected to face a 55% supply gap for recycled polyethylene by 2030.”
Through a tailored approach, RiteSize ensures that brands and production companies have seamless access to recycled materials while handling logistics and ensuring traceability. With track & trace, CO2 avoidance analytics, and quality assurance, RiteSize's enables businesses to uncover the journey and impact of recycled materials, truly tracing their positive environmental impact.

So when it came to helping to launch, Ubuntu Studio offered a natural fit for RiteSize. With a shared passion for improving the way businesses impact our world, we offered a deep understanding of communicating change and addressing often complex and tricky topics, and were naturally eager to help take the sustainability platform to new heights.

The first step was to understand and create a brand identity that reflected the company's vision and values, and spoke to industry players who had been in the business for years, and so were likely to be resistant to change. Workshop sessions and questionnaires brought key insights to light that many brands actually thought the idea of accessing plastic materials and feedstock was a good thing; however, they had been burned by complex systems and a lack of clarity in the past, so we hesitant to believe that things had changed.

We therefore knew that bringing a simplicity and clarity to both written and visual elements of the brand identity were integral. We married typography with a globally recognised recycling symbol for the logomark, creating a distinctive logo that clearly represented RiteSize's commitment to sustainable sourcing and circularity in a single glance; instantly capturing the essence and raison d’etre of the company.

To showcase RiteSize's innovative solutions and establish credibility, Ubuntu also designed a clean and user-friendly website. Understanding the need for quick and digestible information, the website was designed as a single-page format, providing prospective customers and investors with a seamless overview of RiteSize's process and benefits.

The brand’s crisp and modern colour palette complemented the smart aesthetic of the logo, creating a cohesive and memorable user experience, while the streamlined structure of the website offered a space for exploration, empowering visitors to learn about RiteSize's critical approach to plastic circularity and its positive impact on both a customer’s business and their environmental impact.

With Ubuntu Studio's creative expertise, RiteSize now stands out as a dynamic force in the industry. Their brand identity and website present an impressive, modern, and innovative image that resonates with both consumers and business partners.

Together, RiteSize and Ubuntu Studio are driving real change in the fight for a greener and more sustainable future. Join us on this journey to embrace recycled materials, reduce plastic waste, and shape a world that prioritises responsible environmental practices.
Ubuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularity
Ubuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularity
Ubuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularity
Ubuntu Stories - RiteSize: Bringing value to circularity
Explore the circularity revolution over at ritesize.io

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