Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure

Team – AI Accelerator: Amplifying new artist exposure

Accelerating new artist exposure

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As creative professionals ourselves, we have a lot of sympathy for creatives who are struggling to break onto the scene. So when we were approached by Team—a group of down to earth music lovers and industry pros looking to help talented artists market their new music—we couldn’t say no!
It’s estimated that over 90% of musicians are undiscovered, and many will remain unknown as the volume of new releases explodes. Spotify recently released numbers that showed 60,000 new tracks are ingested by its platform every single day—that’s one upload every 1.4 seconds.

The industry is complex and it can be difficult to successfully release a new album or single with little to no support. We’re strong believers in doing what you love, so it made total sense to collaborate with Team and produce a platform that supported others in their quest for self actualisation.
Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure
Team approached Ubuntu to help it baseline its strategic approach to the market. The music industry is saturated with so many players and middlemen that it can be difficult for even professionals to navigate the complexities of making—and releasing—their music.

Ubuntu started by redefining the core brand at the heart of the technology platform. The brand needed to reflect the professionalism and industry expertise that Team offered, at the same time as being practical and approachable to help new artists get off the ground.
“Whether you're new in the music industry or an independent artist looking for a new way forward, Team has you covered for your next release.”
Built around the artificial intelligence engine that generated next-best-actions, Ubuntu then designed a functioning application prototype across mobile and web. The design had to be accessible to a range of music styles and genres, while also reflecting the functional and process-driven needs artists have. We designed the platform in a way that enabled them to easily and succinctly take actions on a day-to-day basis, positioning their new releases in the right environments to help grow their fan and follower base and go from unknown to household name.
Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure
Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure
Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure
Ubuntu Stories - Team: Accelerating new artist exposure
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