Ubuntu Stories - ElectroTempo: Driving change in vehicle electrification

ElectroTempo – The Electric Revolution: Predicting demand in vehicle electrification

Driving change in vehicle electrification

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As countries and governments look to expand the adoption of electric vehicles with the growing energy shift across the globe, the supporting infrastructure is in desperate need of an upgrade. ElectroTempo and Ubuntu partnered to launch a new analytics tool designed to support fleets and utility companies when it comes to predicting future electric demand.
In the US alone, a standard car emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. With over 1 billion passenger vehicles estimated to be on the roads around the world, our trips to the shops or to work are collectively pumping out over 4 and a half billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year—that’s around 12% of the total global carbon emissions.

Global conventions, including the recent COP26 summit, have spurred national governments to move beyond rhetoric and begin to put in place green policies to achieve net zero emissions by 2050—a goal that is fundamental if we’re to get even vaguely close to limiting a global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

Electric vehicles have been heralded as a big part of these changes, both for consumers and businesses. Governments, utilities and fleets are already starting to look at how they can expand roll-out in their local geography and drive real change in the fight for a greener future.
Ubuntu Stories - ElectroTempo: Driving change in vehicle electrification
ElectroTempo’s founders had been working in the research sector for a number of years, exploring the effects of electric vehicle consumption on national infrastructure, when they identified a gap in the market: namely, to help bring greater predictability to the planning and forecasting of energy charging demand.

ElectroTempo approached Ubuntu to help position the startup as it launched to the market. The initial scope was to build a brand that could help communicate the complexities within the market and drive greater awareness around how ElectroTempo’s solution could help utility, government and non-profit clients build towards a brighter, more energy-conscious future.
"ElectroTempo’s mission is to create an e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate EV deployment for a clean, just and prosperous future."
Ubuntu started by taking the disparate elements ElectroTempo had been using since its incorporation, and bringing them under a cohesive brand strategy. The company needed both a short-term brand refresh to help better position them with prospective customers, alongside a longer-term vision for future projects and initiatives.

Having created a fresh new look and feel across the core brand identity, Ubuntu stood up a simple website structure from which the business could launch and keep their customer-base abreast of the latest news and updates. The team identified two core customer groups—b2b fleets and utility companies—who were to be the primary audience for the web experience as well as the current platform builds.

Pivoting from the core functional needs and buying journey each of the two groups go through in their electrification journey, Ubuntu built a cohesive experience that helped convert browsers into buyers and anonymous users into advocates.

The end result was a new, clean brand aesthetic with clear accent colours to underpin any creative. The website reflected the navigation experience needed to win over new users in the fleet and utility spaces, enabling prospective customers to find exactly what they needed at the click of a button.
Discover more at: electrotempo.com

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