Ubuntu Stories - Deb: Reimagining Financial Freedom

Deb – Reimagining Financial Freedom: Helping on the road to recovery

Reimagining Financial Freedom

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Ubuntu recently partnered with Deb, an ethical debt collection agency, to reimagine what financial freedom could look like for over 80% of Americans. Together, we built a market-changing brand that stopped the stigma and countered confusion.
Debt management. It's got a bit of an ugly ring to it, right? Well, the guys over at Deb wanted to do something to help those in financial need to negotiate and pay their outstanding debts so they could move on in life and get the freedom everyone deserves.
Ubuntu Stories - Deb: Reimagining Financial Freedom
A recent study found that over 80% of Americans are caught up in the chains of debt. That means for every ten people you see walking down the street, eight will be experiencing some kind of financial hardship. That's a lot!

Mortgages are the most common debt carried, followed closely by unpaid credit card balances, car loans, and student loans. No matter what form debt takes, it’s safe to say that all these bills are keeping many people from living the lives they want—the lives they always imagined.

Despite the negative stigma attached around those in debt, research has found that most individuals want to pay back their loans and get back into the black as soon as possible. The issues often start arising when payback terms are unachievable and interest rates far exceed the rate at which they can pay off outstanding balance.

With debt so out of control in America, Deb felt it was time to help people out of feeling trapped and into financial freedom; helping them to define how, and when, they wanted to pay back their loan on terms that worked for their situation.
"Deb wanted to help those trapped in the chains of debt...so they could move on in life and get the financial freedom we believe everyone deserves."
Deb approached the Ubuntu team to partner with them on their comms plan. Having already developed an initial brand look and feel, the businesses needed a clever yet soft approach to engaging with those in debt who's past experience with collection agencies had often been negative.

Initial testing quickly showed that engagement tactics needed to be on the terms of the individual, not the brand. With personal preference playing a huge part in communications being read and responded to, it became evident that some preferred to engage with email communications versus snail mail letters, for example. Deb therefore needed to empower their 'customers' to decide how they wanted to communicative in order to have any chance of forming an ongoing conversation.

To meet the brief, Ubuntu created a holistic multi-channel communication strategy and then executed it across digital, creative, media, and print. The strategy combined information around debt and the options available to the individual, alongside how Deb's approach would help them to re-assess how they approached their payback plan that aligned to their life circumstances – not the harsh payback terms of a collection agency.

Ensuring that no matter how an individual wanted to get started on the road to financial freedom, they could find an option that suited them personally.
Discover more at: debnow.com

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