Ubuntu | Thoughts | Ubuntu Studio’s positive news round-up | Friday 14th October 2022

Ubuntu Studio’s positive news round-up – Friday 14th October 2022

Friday 14th October //
Positive news round-up

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October 14, 2022
Ubuntu | Thoughts | Ubuntu Studio’s positive news round-up | Friday 14th October 2022
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From reports of rising temperatures to increased natural disasters, climate news can sometimes come off as all doom and gloom. So we’ve committed to sharing a weekly update called the ‘Positive News Roundup’ (PNR) that showcases just some of the stories of hope for our planet.

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Well, we’re here again for our weekly instalment of Positive News Roundup. This week, we’re talking about some amazing new laws being pushed through at the highest level around the world, how innovation is helping combat pollution, as well as health risks in vulnerable communities. Let’s get to it!

Cooking up change

In many developing nations, people continue to cook their food using firewood and charcoal. Unfortunately, these are polluting energy sources that emit greenhouse gases, rely on deforestation, and raise serious health risks for those who inhale their fumes.

The World Food Programme (WFP) is helping to bring about change by making fuel-efficient stoves more readily available to countries including Niger, Malawi, Sudan, Myanmar and Haiti. In 2021 alone, they provided more than 170,000 cookers to families and schools across 18 countries.

“These stoves are either designed to reduce the amount of firewood needed by being well insulated or they use different fuels altogether such as electricity,” WFP’s Raphaella Bellanca said.

The charity has also been launching solar energy initiatives supporting communities across several countries, helping schools and families access renewable energy from solar-powered systems which can power electric cookers, fuel fridges, and help to pump water.
Ubuntu | Thoughts | Ubuntu Studio’s positive news round-up | Friday 14th October 2022

A bicycle blueprint

French citizens who are willing to trade in their cars for a bike will be paid up to €4,000, as part of plans to increase active mobility amid rising energy prices.

The French government have announced that inhabitants and organisations can apply for a 'conversion bonus' if they swap a polluting motor vehicle for a bike, e-bike or cargo bike. The move is pushing France further ahead relative to countries like the UK and US, who are trailing far behind in efforts to promote green transportation.

On a positive note, the UK does offer the Cycle to Work scheme, which enables employees to save as much as 40 per cent on the price of a new bike through sacrificing some of their pre-tax salary. However, the scheme pales in comparison to the subsidy offered in France and is also available in countries including Finland and Lithuania.
Ubuntu | Thoughts | Ubuntu Studio’s positive news round-up | Friday 14th October 2022

Down with deforestation in Europe

It's days like today that we miss being part of the EU, as members of the European Parliament have backed a proposal to ban the sale of agricultural products linked to deforestation.

If the law is approved, businesses will be required to ensure that their agricultural goods do not contribute to deforestation anywhere in the world — not just in Europe.

As an extension of this law, MEPs proposed that goods should be produced in accordance with human rights provisions and in a way that respects the rights of indigenous people too.

We are hopeful that the law will pass, however there is always the concern that companies will find loopholes to continue bad practices despite new regulation.

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